About That Slackline Girl

Photo by Jan Siminek (Kletter Kiddies)Though the outdoor sports world has been historically male-dominated, some women are avidly striving to inspire other women to pursue their dreams despite the imbalance in participants. Faith was the first female to level the playing field in the sport of highlining, and she quickly proved that being a woman is not a disadvantage. Within 6 months of highlining she had crushed the previous female world records in the sport of slackline and has since continued to break her own records to set new ones. She is the first woman to reach the 100-meter length in highlining. She currently holds several world records for women in the sport of slackline, is the only female regularly free soloing, and continues to push her limits full time. Having a positive impact on the world and it’s inhabitants is an underlying objective that guides all of Faith’s pursuits, and she hopes to not only be a participant in positive change socially, environmentally and politically, but also lead by example in these same endeavors.

cham highline

Faith has a passion for establishing new highlines, amongst the snowy peaks of the Alps or the rugged wilderness of Tasmania, and any given year she can be found in no less than ten countries bridging gaps, scouting new projects, hitchhiking to her destination or learning a new language to connect with the local people. She finds climbing and mountaineering to be important complimentary skills to highlining, especially as they enable her to reach some of her most difficult projects.

high heelsDespite juggling the busy life of a professional athlete she still manages to organize the
annual Girls Only Slackline Festival in Czech Republic and collaborates on projects with her women’s highline team G4G, which focuses on women highlining.

IMG_4345_c_by_fLy_1800pixAn avid explorer of the mechanism of fear, Faith strives to share her journey with the emotion and decipher between intuition and fear through her highlining and free soloing experiences. As an athlete, Faith is known for her strong mental edge, outspoken stance on women, her stubborn determination and her impressive achievements.


Faith Dickey