Despite pursuing the activity as a passion full force, I have also turned it into my profession. Along with my team (somewhereelseland) we work closely with sponsors in order to support our slackline endeavors with top of the line equipment and technical clothing. In addition, this cooperation enables us to support companies we believe in, while also “break-testing” everything they give us, since we fall under the extreme-heavy-users group. My team and I are highly skilled in rigging, and this enables us to be well rounded for many types of jobs related to the sport. Besides being a performer of slackline and highline I have also done jobs which only entail rigging. A new outlet for work has been public speaking; I gave a TED talk on fear and intuition asperienced through highlining, and I am also giving fear workshops based on the same ideas. A viral youtube video involving two semi-trucks for a Volvo spot was just the beginning!

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For inquiries related to:

  • Sponsorship
  • Customized highline/slackline performance at your event
  • Commercial appearance or advertisement
  • Stunts
  • Public Speaking, motivational, workshop and team building
  • Rigging
  • Articles/Interviews
  • TV appearances
  • Slackline Classes

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Faith Dickey