That Slackline Girl in the Media

Articles and Interviews

  • KCPR: From a Highline, Faith Dickey Demolishes Your Notions (3/19/17)
  • Escapism Magazine: Walking a 3,000 ft Highline with Faith Dickey (1/28/16)
  • Cosmo: 4 Jaw Dropping Photos of a Woman Walking a High Wire in Heels (1/5/15)
  • Mirror: Daredevil Teeters Across Highline 840 Meters Above Sea Level – Wearing HIGH HEELS (11/10/15)
  • abc7NY: Woman Walks Highline in High Heels in the Rain (2/27/15)
  • Daily Mail: VERY High Heels! Texas Acrobat Walks 2,750ft in Brazil in a Pair of Pink Kitten Stilettos (11/12/15)
  • Austin Fit Magazine: Walking the (High) Line: Slackliner Faith Dickey Continues to Step Outside Her Comfort Zone (11/1/14)
  • Studdeutsche Newspaper: Du Hast Angst Zu Sterben (9/3/12)

T.V News Features

Fox7 Austin: Austin Woman Slacklines Across Mountains in Rio de Janeiro in High Heels (11/18/15)


  • Scouts: Walk the Line (2/7/15)
  • network a: Slacklining in Heels and a Dress in the Rain is Just Another Day for Faith Dickey (4/27/15)
  • The Telegraph (pictures): In Pictures: Record Breaking Highline and Slackline Walker Faith Dickey
  • collective VISION: Professional Slackliners Show Their Stuff (11/18/10)